The Municipality of Cecina has set up a working group made up of doctors, pediatricians, psychologists and pedagogists to start a discussion on the application of the guidelines for containing the spread of the coronavirus in schools, taking safety and security as reference points on the one hand. health, on the other the well-being of children and young people.

“The schools have started again, and not without difficulty. There are procedures that still have to be tested, sometimes even understood, and there are protocols that must pass from the sheets to the daily reality of those who live in the world of school – explains the mayor Samuele Lippi – . The procedures have undergone some changes. There are also, inevitably, the concerns, the perplexities, the requests to listen, from many parents. Particularly now that there have been positive cases ascertained. Requests to which this working group , intends to try to give answers. Net of an internal confrontation, and with the school managers, which continues constantly, we have thought of some ways to try to give these answers “.

A vademecum developed by the working group, a sort of faq, which can be disseminated in a widespread manner and which tries to illustrate the behaviors and skills to be followed in cases of infection, suspected or ascertained, by Covid19.

A mailbox where parents can contact for doubts, questions, clarifications. The e-mails will be answered by the members of the work group, each for his / her skills

In the coming weeks, compatibly with current regulations and the situation, public training meetings will be organized on pedagogical and pediatric topics.