Tinì Soundgarden

Tinì Soundgarden, Via Curtatone Est, Fiorino, LI, Italia


The Tinì SoundGarden disco in Cecina (Livorno), has decided to end its summer season early, which began on Saturday 25 July 2020 and therefore ended on Saturday 15 August (yesterday); a choice matured in these hours, regardless of the upcoming government decisions – anticipated in the press – regarding the closures of all Italian discos.

“The guidelines for the reopening of discos seemed to guarantee the activity in complete safety – explains Cinzia Guidi, owner of the Tinì Sound Garden – Unfortunately, their application has proved to be very complicated. The official capacity of the Tinì is 3,300 people: according to the protocol we could reach 2,450, but we preferred to reduce it further: we started with 1,000 people and we reached a maximum of 2 thousand per evening. We doubled the number of safety officers: 40 people, 10 of whom on the track, to convince the public to wear a mask, a feat that is proving to be extremely complicated everywhere. If the mask is not worn on the train, the person concerned is fined, not the conductor; because if the same happens in a nightclub, the blame must fall on its owners? ”
And now?
“There are no conditions to continue our business, even if all the checks have confirmed our total regularity. In this way, however, it is really impossible to do business, we just have to stop indefinitely, understand what will happen and if the conditions will return to be able to work adequately. Acting in compliance with the law and in full fairness are essential conditions for us, and as for us I believe for almost all entrepreneurs in the sector. Sorry because without the discos the only reliable defense against illegal activity and bad nightlife is missing. Wouldn’t it be thought that young people – without discos – shut up at home or stop crowding and frequenting beaches, squares, kiosks? “

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