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Ristorante #IlPasta, Corso Giacomo Matteotti, Cecina, LI, Italia


#ilPasta Restaurant

#IlPasta Restaurant is a restaurant that wants to make its cuisine a point of reference for those who love traditional Tuscan dishes, paying greater attention to its first courses, the specialty of their cuisine: they are not simple pasta dishes, but real creations of great variety, giving tradition that touch of modernity that makes it superlative.

In the evening for dinner we offer a choice of fresh local pasta that can be combined with all our condiments.

We are extremely convinced that following tradition in the kitchen is a very important thing: the dishes that are handed down from generation to generation, from region to region, are the best, healthiest, most genuine ones. To offer only the best quality, we supply ourselves personally and exclusively from Pastificio Morelli, a family-run company since 1860: tradition and innovation come together thanks to their and our creations, for special dishes.

Since pasta is the food on which we base most of our dishes, we want it to be special, in all respects: the way it is cooked, the way it is served and, above all, the way it is it’s done. For this reason we stock up on various types of pasta, to satisfy any type of palate, from the most classic to the most whimsical: from gluten-free pasta to that of kamut, wholemeal or flavored, many types of pasta for all tastes.

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