Pinseria Pizzeria Stadio

PIZZERIA STADIO DI MARCO SQUAGLIA, Viale Guglielmo Marconi, Cecina, LI, Italia


Pizzeria Pinseria Stadio Cecina is the right place to savor the true taste of traditional pizza. We offer our customers various pizzas with combinations of pleasant and new ingredients, including wholemeal pizza with highly digestible stone-ground flour with all Italian wheat, Torta di Ceci (Cecina), Pizza alla pala (Romana), and focaccia of all kinds.

Pizzeria Pinseria Stadio has chosen to use only quality Italian products, this allows us to make a pizza with high digestibility and low calories. Our doughs in fact have a leavening of about 24 hours plus 8 hours of rest. We also use a pre-dough called Biga that allows for more color and crunchiness, increasing digestibility.

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