McDonald's Cecina, Via Carlo Carrà, Cecina, LI, Italia



Maybe it’s because the food is good, the quality ingredients and the unique atmosphere.

Maybe, at McCafè®, every moment is right for a delicious break with delicious desserts and the proposals of our cafeteria.

Maybe because we have given a touch of technology to the warmth of the spaces. So you can order at digital kiosks and be served quickly at the table.

It will be that every time it is a unique, different experience and you decide what flavor to give it: familiar, romantic, fun. Whether you come alone, as a couple, with friends or as a family.

It will be that the children with us can organize their parties and have dedicated programs and services, including babies.

It may be that from McDrive® you take and take away all the flavor of McDonald’s® without even getting out of the car.

It may be that you always feel welcome with us because in everything we do, from food to services, we never miss a smile.

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