Ferramenta Pellegrini

Ferramenta Pellegrini, Via Raffaello Sanzio, Cecina, LI, Italia


Pellegrini hardware was born in 1905 as a simple resale of iron products. Its founder Arturo was a merchant who, together with his father Ferrante, brought his products to the market of Cecina.

Over 100 years and three generations are the strength of this hardware store that has been able to combine the passions of each individual member in a wide range of items:

  • manual tools (Beta, Unior, Kraftwerk, Usag),
  • electrical tools (Makita, Hitachi, Fein),
  • locks,
  • safes,
  • panic exit devices (Cisa, Iseo, MG serrature, Technomax),
  • electrical equipment,
  • plumbing material,
  • brass and copper taps (Rubitor, Perincioli),
  • door handles,
  • handles for furniture (Cottali),
  • articles for restoration (Giusti, Metalstile, Galbusera, Ferotec),
  • paints (Baldini, Peruzzi, San Marco, Arexons, Wood Color),
  • articles for painting brushes, rollers, airbrushes, compressors,
  • safety products (3M, BLS, Geko),
  • clothing (Base, Beta, Issa, Timberland, Diadora, Lewer),
  • safety shoes,
  • building material (Zucchini, Saratoga),
  • gardening material (Claber, Bahco, Ausonia, Kawasaki, Fiskars),
  • articles for locksmiths (Combi, Ibfm),
  • articles for welding (Cemont, Deka, EP System),
  • galvanized stainless steel and brass bolts,
  • specific treatments and products for boating (Brava),
  • ropes,
  • curtains,
  • wrought iron articles,
  • items for the fireplace.
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