Agriristoro Gallorose

Parco Gallorose, Via Aurelia Sud, Loc. Cedrino, Cecina, LI, Italia


Zero kilometer cuisine – shaded outdoor tables – simplicity and tradition.

A refreshment stop for those visiting the park and for those just passing through.
In the refreshment point you will have the opportunity to discover the typical Tuscan cuisine with genuine products deriving exclusively from the family farm.
Traditional dishes prepared personally by the owner according to ancient recipes.

You can taste lasagna with wild boar ragu, pasta dishes with porcini mushrooms, ricotta and vegetable tortelli with Cinta Senese ragù, grilled Pisan cow and Cinta Senese meat or local wild boar with black olives.
Even the desserts are homemade and with healthy ingredients, first of all the great passion for pastry of our Margherita.
For quick meals you can take advantage of the bar that offers sandwiches with the company’s cold cuts or the self service with different menus but the same management.

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