Toparello, Piazza della Libertà, Cecina, LI, Italia


My business began in 1999 and after three years the store was opened in Cecina. The basic idea was to offer the market a new point of view, certainly Cool and Friendly, certainly content but expression of a Supermoda, cit. Steve Mac Queen, who personalizes whoever wears our garments. Even the showcases, like the display inside, say something original to better conquer and stimulate the imagination of the customers who surely find them in our rooms, and everything is suggested by the very attentive staff in proposing themselves.

Our Supermoda is a lot of research, we say this for those activities that are committed in the world to perceive and distinguish the best and then be customized internally. All this is then well mixed between the various merchandise parts, trousers with t-shirt or shirt, sweatshirt or outerwear, footwear.

Now a point of reference in the clothing for men and women Accessories of Tuscany, here you can find the new fits and new combinations (out-fit) the new emerging brands and absolutely exclusive and above all from that standardized world that is Online Sales.

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