Ferrari Iris

Ferrari Iris & Figli, Via Pasubio, Cecina, LI, Italia


Production of fine wines
The same passion for agriculture as thought Camerini also animates his sons Massimo and Rodolfo, so the activity started by their father is enriched by the dynamic participation of the whole family.
In 1995 the Fattoria Santa Perpetua became part of the winery, located in an area of ​​the municipality of Montescudaio that boasts an ancient wine vocation.
In fact, its cellar dates back to the early twentieth century, when the Carli counts were already producing fine wines.
The mild climate of the verdant Paratino area where the company is based, combined with the good nature of the soil and the careful cultivation operations, allows to obtain quality grapes from which wines of particular value are produced.

Fruity extra virgin olive oil
The Ferrari Iris e Figli winery also produces quality extra virgin olive oil, which comes from a variety of olives that give the product all the strong flavor and fruity aroma typical of Tuscan I.G.P.
The oil obtained maintains the harmonious and savory taste of the healthy and fresh olive, because it is harvested at the right point of ripeness.
Our product is particularly suitable for consumption raw, on fresh vegetables and hot dishes, or on grilled meats and soups, in this way its robust taste stands out and its nutritional characteristics remain unchanged.

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