Disapore La Pietra Pizzeria Gourmet

Disapore La pietra pizzeria gourmet, Via Aldo Moro, Cecina, LI, Italia


Disapore La Pietra Pizzeria Gourmet

Gabriele Dani’s pizzas are the result of his experience and express all his passion and love for quality ingredients, with particular regard to the artisanal and local ones that he personally chooses.
The taste experience offered by his pizzas is characterized by lightness and digestibility, guaranteed by highly hydrated doughs based on flours with low protein and therefore gluten content, which are subjected to maturation from 36 to 48 hours.
Natural mother yeast also contributes to the healthiness of its pizzas and focaccias. Last but not least, the cooking in the wood oven is differentiated according to the dough, which can be chosen between traditional, type 2 stone ground and cereals, giving rise to different textures and degrees of crunchiness or softness, from soft / true for pizzas ” timeless “to slightly crunchy for the” contemporary “, up to gourmet, high and soft, first steamed and then crunchy in the electric oven.


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