Bar Caffellatte

Bar Caffellatte, Corso Giacomo Matteotti, Cecina, LI, Italia


Uh, the brioscina with caffellatte!”, Exclaims Count Mascetti when Necchi’s wife brings him breakfast in bed in a memorable scene from “My friends”.
A cult of Italian cinema and a cult of Italian breakfast, caffellatte.

The Caffellatte written with a capital letter, on the other hand, is a cult of the Cecinese breakfast, one of the first bars to offer it to its customers from the early hours of the night on weekends. Around those breakfasts the Caffellatte, since 1995 in Corso Matteotti, in the center of Cecina, has developed and grown.
The breakfast
Even before the new day begins, there are already the first hot croissants. The first supply of fresh pastries arrives at 11pm and the sweet buffet is stocked constantly until morning.
The lunch
Two thirds of the bar and one third of the restaurant, this is the formula of lunch at the Caffellatte: speed and price of the bar, the taste of the restaurant with first courses, unique dishes and salads buffet.

The aperitif
To relax after finishing work or to kick off the evening: from Monday to Saturday the Caffellatte awaits you for an aperitif.
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