The Museum of life and work of the northern Maremma is located within the complex of the eighteenth-century Villa Guerrazzi, in the locality of La Cinquantina in San Pietro in Palazzi. Managed by the social cooperative Il Cosmo, it periodically organizes initiatives, events and workshops for citizens, as well as teaching in collaboration with local schools. It opens only on Sundays in the months of July and August with hours from 17.30 to 19.30 and in the rest of the year for groups of at least 15 people. Free entry.

Founded in 1992, it collects the tools of peasant work in the northern Maremma area. The collection is organized by thematic areas: the working of the earth (plows, wagons, mowers, threshers), wheat (fans, sieves, fodder grinders) and wine (sgrappolatrice, dissipatrice for grapes, sulfur mill, hoppers). Some weaving tools are also part of the exhibition.


For more information visit  Facebook. Telephone : 0586769255